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Canton, PA 17724
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About Us

Jim's Sporting Goods was established in the fall of 1972 in the small town of Canton, which is located in north central Pa., Bradford county.We have been at our present location since June 1973. With the love and desire to hunt and fish Jim decided to start a sporting goods store. Not long after this he discovered there was not time for hunting and fishing. [He now plays golf and does not sell golf equipment! ] Jim is still the Owner, Manager,President, CEO, COO, CFO and senior citizen of the store and he loves his job!

There have been many changes in this type of business over the years and at times I would ask myself if there is still a place for the small guy. The competition is as tough as ever and now with the muti-million dollar stores being built with the huge inventories and fancy displays one would think you have found 'The Sporting Goods Eutopia'. Some get taken up in the 'Glamour' and forget a couple things when they buy- PRICE & SERVICE! [Did I really get a good buy or did I buy on impulse and what and who do I see if I need this item serviced.] Once when I was desperate for primers [during the primer shortage era] I went into one of these 'Glamour Stores' and asked the clerk in the gun and ammo department if they had any primers. I did'nt think this was a trick question[he did not have a clue] so I politely tried to explain what I was asking for and he said "Do you Mean These"? [pointing at scope rings] . I said no, and as I was walking away I decided there was and still is a place for my store and all the other smaller specialty gun and accessory stores in the country!

"The Biggest Little Store Around" is what we are known as. We may be limited on floor space but we have much to offer. We will not only sell you the the product, as the Big Stores do, we will give you a great price, our personal attention and services that the Big Stores do not. We believe the best customer is a repeat customer! We have sold guns on GunBroker.com under jimgun1972. Check our feedback. A good deal is when both the buyer and seller are satisfied!!

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